Our Story

Shenanigans Gaming is San Antonio’s best spot for esports and table-top gaming! Our adaptive 7,500 square foot venue launched in 2019 and includes 40 custom built gaming PC set-ups and 144 tabletop seats. Our mission is to bring people together with affordable access to our cybercafe, esports and other gaming competitions without sacrificing quality or sincerity.

Our unique facility allows for small to large scale esports and entertainment events. We host daily video game tournaments, table-top competitions and local gaming related meet-ups. We offer our top-notch service and equipment at a fraction of the cost of other gaming venues.

Shenanigans Gaming takes pride in our ability to be adaptive to every gaming community and are happy to host any meet-up, special event, tournament or charity event. We also focus on bringing local lifestyle brands, artists, musicians and non-profits into the world of esports.

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