Apex Legends Monthly

April 14, 2021

5:00 pm

$10 Total

Celebrate the new season with us!

$10 Fee ($5 venue; $5 tournament)

Join us for our Apex Legends Monthly event!

Gather your squad (or drop solo) and submit your best 3 finishes in a 2 hour time frame to claim the cash prize at the end of the evening

1st Place in Game: 15 Points
2nd Place in Game: 10 Points
3rd Place in Game: 5 Points
Kills= 2 Points
*Game only count if you place Top 3

Duration: 2 Hours

Submit (with proof) your best 3 games during the 2 hour time frame.

Stats must be recorded by players and given to Tournament Organizer at the end of bracket to secure points for their wins and kills.