Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel Tournament

March 13, 2022

3:00 pm

$10 entry

Master Duel in person event.
$10 entry
Team Shenanigans Gaming
5251 Timberhill, Ste 104
SA, TX 78238

Q: What are the Rules for MASTER DUEL Remote Duel Tournaments?
A: This event allows you to use your own device and connect to others remotely for a MASTER DUEL format, Single-Elimination event. Test your Deck builds in a Duel using the latest MASTER DUEL Forbidden and Limited restrictions to compete for MASTER DUEL Prizes (while supplies last)!Rounds will be played best of three (3) Duels.Rounds will be 50 minutes long.Between each Duel, you may use your Side Deck to alter your Deck for the next Duel.Your Side Deck is every card in your collection.Any changes can be made to the Deck between Duels of a Match, including the following:

          Adding Cards

          Subtracting Cards


The Deck must be legal for play (appropriate number of cards in the Main and Side Deck, complies with the Forbidden and Limited list available within the MASTER DUEL app).

          If the Duelist believes there is an error or other issue with their Deck, they should contact a Judge immediately.

          After you finish preparing your Deck, please notify the judge that you have completed Side Decking and are ready to start your next Duel.

          Failure to do this by the 3-minute mark may result in appropriate penalties.

          If there are any issues while Side Decking or connecting to the room after confirming you are ready for your next Duel, please notify a judge immediately.

          Duelists are required to revert their Deck back to its original Deck prior to the start of each Match in an On-Demand Single-Elimination Public Event. Players must have a MASTER DUEL  legal-for-play Deck prior to each played Game/Match.


Some MASTER DUEL Events will require Deck Lists, please be sure to check event information regarding Deck Lists to confirm.

In case of a disconnect, win/loss will be determined by the result given in-game.  If the app crashes, or both Duelists disconnect simultaneously and a win is not decided, the Duelists will restart that Duel using the same Decks.  Side Decking will not be allowed for that specific Duel.Instructions on how the competitors can connect to the in-game Tournament Room will be provided once you are seated for the events.Duelists will need to have the latest MASTER DUEL app installed on their device to participate in Tournaments. The latest version of MASTER DUEL is v1.02.